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The sale of poison, fertilizer, seeds and agricultural tools is done in Farham Trading.

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Face-to-face, online and telephone for houseplants, gardens, greenhouses


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Holding a training class in person and online with experienced professors 


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Fast delivery of your order across the country in the shortest possible time

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About Farham Trading

Farham Group has been active in the agricultural services site with the aim of supporting hard-working farmers and meeting the needs of these dear ones in the field of fertilizers, poisons, seeds and agricultural tools. By using the latest scientific and technological achievements, the best solutions for the prosperity and progress of farmers’ investment, which results in providing more productive products, operate in this field.
As a store site, Farham Group has provided a set of different poisons and fertilizers to farmers and those interested in working in this field, which guarantees the quality and authenticity of the products offered by expert consultants, as well as fast delivery of products to all over the country from the services of this group. is counted It should be mentioned that this group is active in preparing products online and in person, and holding various training courses to raise the level of awareness of farmers and producers in this field.

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    • Address of the head office: Yazd, Safaiye Mader Square, Mahed Complex, 2nd Floor, Unit 202
    • Branch 1: Taft - next to Malik Ashtar gas station
    • Branch 2: Yazd - the beginning of Askarieh village, next to oil change
    • Phone: 09131592256